Romanced with Etouffee

In chapter 8 of “My Knotty Jolene,” the love interest surprises Jolene with a box filled with crab cakes and shrimp etouffee. Jolene’s reaction was described as, “A burst of flavor hit her tongue and her palate sang. She moaned.” If you’ve never tried etouffee, it’s flavored with spicy sauces such as Worcestershire, Cajun, and Louisiana hot sauce. I first […]

Meet Orlando Castillo

When developing the impact character, which in this story is the love interest, I thought of my saucy Hispanic husband and started looking for well-known men that brought that same fire and passion to the character. In my search, I found a picture of Eduardo Verastegui and he fulfilled most of the character’s physical attributes I had envisioned.

Meet Jolene Davis

As I developed the character for Jolene, the main character and the protagonist in the story, I thought of the misunderstood, creative type who married a much older man…for love. This is where the “misunderstood” part of her profile comes into play because everyone assumes she’s a gold digger.