“My Knotty Jolene” – Erotic Romance Coming Soon

My Knotty Jolene is an erotic romance novel about Jolene Davis, a thirty-something artist whose naughty nature is aroused when she finds herself a widow. Though she has become complacent in the role of a trophy wife, or what the nosy neighbor terms a “boat whore,” her dominating, older husband dies under questionable circumstances leaving her destitute.

Once liberated, Jolene encounters a mysterious woman who initiates her into an esoteric lifestyle in which she controls the whip. She transcends as she rises out of the chaos and takes control for the first time in her life.

Her sense of power tips when Orlando sails in and seduces her. His charisma and rugged good looks ignite a flame deep within her. She is powerless in his presence and she wants to be. He is everything she desires in a man, but her sexual desires and business interests become tangled.

Will she surrender to him even though he could potentially destroy her?