Meet Jolene Davis – The Protagonist

As I developed the character for Jolene, the main character and the protagonist in the story, I thought of the misunderstood, creative type who married a much older man…for love. This is where the “misunderstood” part of her profile comes into play because everyone assumes she’s a gold digger.

She is the typical girl next door who can put most men to shame with her knowledge of tools, but she can also be naughty when she wants to be.

The actress, Katherine Heigl came to mind when developing the physical characteristics of Jolene Davis. Below is her personality profile and description.

Katherine Heigl

Meet Jolene:

Jolene Davis, 33, is a Blacksmith from Port Aransas, Texas. She is widowed with no children and has had a lot of education. She’s been known to say “”Carpe Diem!”” She wants to start her life over and support herself.

Jolene is the introverted artistic type. She looks inside the heart for the answers, creating outer expressions of that self and deciding on who she is by what comes out. This subtype is introverted and really considers what she thinks as the real qualifier. She is in this to discover herself and not to make money or find fame. Jolene can be reclusive and painfully shy. However, she has successfully found within herself a universal thing, something that comes out through the artwork, that is, her expression of self. This universality draws people to her. She reacts with warmth and humor, enjoying the feeling of being unique. Creative, passionate, empathetic.

Jolene never identified with either parent. Her parents seemed to be from another planet, so she was left alone to discover her own personality. This self-discovery became her life mission and her only option was to look inside to see what she could find. As a child, she tried to fit in by compromising her authentic self because she didn’t feel safe. She always regretted this. As an adult, she is introspective, even to the point of losing herself in thought, becoming reclusive at times, staying away from distracting people, noise and activity.

Jolene can be very shy and discovering her feelings and opinions about things can be next to impossible. Eventually, once a safe place has been established, amazing insights and perceptions come out of this person. She can be self-revealing and emotionally honest. She has visited a pretty incredible place, the soul of a person. She has an understanding like no one else and can be very perceptive about others. Sometimes seeming psychic.

Jolene can be sensitive and emotionally honest in a relationship. Other characters may be drawn to her depth of feeling, but later feel that she subtly rejects them when they get too close.

Jolene’s psychological change is to move away from this painful self-consciousness to a more stable place. Someone or something gives Jolene a concrete sense of who she is, a place to finally rest from this constant search. Finding someone who knows her true self and likes that person does wonders, giving her stability. She becomes “whole” by appreciating what is here and accepting herself as is, which makes self-expression more of a desire and less of a need.

Meet Orlando Castillo – The love interest

eduardo_verastegui-picWhen developing the impact character, which in this story is the love interest, I thought of my saucy Hispanic husband and started looking for well-known men that brought that same fire and passion to the character. In my search, I found a picture of Eduardo Verastegui and he fulfilled most of the character’s physical attributes I had envisioned.

Now that you’ve seen the muse, take a look at the personality profile for Orlando.

EduardoMeet Orlando: Orlando Castillo, 37, is unmarried with no children and has had a lot of education.
Orlando is a perfectionist in every way. Self-disciplined and principled in everything he does, Orlando is very emotionally controlled and believes there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way. He wants to do it the right way. He holds himself up to the highest standards. The social sub-type is more of a people person, however, so Orlando is relationship oriented. He wants to get involved with a cause that will help people, possibly a cause directly related to someone he knows or has known. He knows what is right and will stubbornly fight for it. He would make a great lawyer – self-reliant, organized and always punctual. Still this subtype can’t shake the basic premise of the personality type: to want to always be right and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the world a place he feels is “perfect.”
Orlando ‘s childhood was very unstable caused by an undependable protective figure. He found stability in others, perhaps a surrogate protective figure who he was then separated from, thereby reestablishing the instability. The reaction to that instability was to look internally, by deciding what’s right and wrong, making up his own mind and deciding to act on those ideals to make the world stable, aligning with the rules to contain his anxiety. The social connection, however established, showed Orlando hope that personal relationships may be the way out of this trap. As an adult, he has failed to find a perfect relationship that will save him. He also has a history of severing ties with friends and family who fail to live up to his standards.
Orlando knows what’s right but may want the other characters to learn it on their own. This subtype makes great teachers. Even if your character is not a teacher, he tends to try to teach by example. As a perfectionist, Orlando speaks correct English. He won’t confront someone who’s wrong but takes a more passive stance. He speaks some Spanish in the bedroom.
Orlando can be very principled and mature in a relationship. Other characters are attracted to his ethical nature and dependability, but eventually may feel that he’s a bit judgmental at times.
The psychological movement of Orlando is from a self-controlled, perfectionist attitude to a release of control. He finds that being perfect doesn’t lead to happiness or personal fulfillment and decides to accept the world as is. He eventually admits there is a gray area and is willing to give it a shot in there, maybe with someone who lives in the gray area. This freeing of control and acceptance that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be good, can save his soul from a lifetime of confinement.

“My Knotty Jolene” – Erotic Romance Coming Soon

My Knotty Jolene is an erotic romance novel about Jolene Davis, a thirty-something artist whose naughty nature is aroused when she finds herself a widow. Though she has become complacent in the role of a trophy wife, or what the nosy neighbor terms a “boat whore,” her dominating, older husband dies under questionable circumstances leaving her destitute.

Once liberated, Jolene encounters a mysterious woman who initiates her into an esoteric lifestyle in which she controls the whip. She transcends as she rises out of the chaos and takes control for the first time in her life.

Her sense of power tips when Orlando sails in and seduces her. His charisma and rugged good looks ignite a flame deep within her. She is powerless in his presence and she wants to be. He is everything she desires in a man, but her sexual desires and business interests become tangled.

Will she surrender to him even though he could potentially destroy her?