My Knotty Jolene Reviews

Following are just some of the comments made about “My Knotty Jolene” by readers:

“In the first five pages, you have missionary style sex, doggie style sex, masturbation, fantasy, and a suicide. IMy Knotty Jolene’d call that a hook!”


“I am very intrigued by the storyline and the sex scenes are hot!”


“My Knotty Jolene peaked my interest in the first page, and continued doing so… Never a dull moment!”


“It is absolutely amazing. Left me wanting more.”


“The unique storyline is exceptional and very captivating.”


“The book grabs your attention at the beginning and just gets better and better.”


“This book is very well-written and the plot is captivating. The characters are drawn with amazing depth and the sex scenes aren’t your average cliches that you may have come to expect from romance novels. I highly recommend this book!”


“A book that is hot from the beginning,very well written with characters that you can quickly relate to,going to be a book hard to put down once you’ve started !!”


“Knotty Jolene is spellbinding. It grabs your interest and imagination on page one and carries you along on this woman’s journey without lagging. Brilliant.”



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