Author Beware – Red Sage Publishing

This blog has been inactive for a few years. That’s mostly due to a family emergency that has been ongoing since March of 2016, but also due to my publisher, Red Sage Publishing.

As a new novelist, I didn’t know what to look for as red flags in a publishing contract and I made the mistake of signing with Red Sage Publishing in December of 2014.

Before signing, I had a fully edited and printed book that I submitted to a Writer’s Digest writing contest and I received praise for the plot, my characters, and my work. I did not need to sign with a publisher, but I wanted a marketing partner and I foolishly thought that Red Sage Publishing would fill that void.

They published my book in November of 2016, so my book sat around and collected dust for almost two years. When Red Sage Publishing finally released my book, they only released it in an ebook format. I requested print copies several times and offered to pay to have my book printed. Red Sage Publishing refused.

In emails I requested several times to either buy back the rights to my book, or at least buy the rights to be able to print my book. Red Sage Publishing ignored my requests.

Just after the release of my book, their website was down for weeks and they did not announce my book or market it in any way, though I spent almost two years begging their marketing department to start announcing it.

Since its release, according to Red Sage Publishing’s accounting department, my book has sold three copies. Myself and a friend purchased copies on Amazon, and I believe the third copy was purchased by another friend.

It was my understanding that Red Sage Publishing already had a built-in audience and that they would announce my book on their blog, which never happened, and that the sales would get a jump through their announcement. Nope!

Now I’m four and a half years into my contract with three book sales and I spent thousands of dollars on editing and cover design to get my book ready to print before I signed, but I’m willing to pay more money to Red Sage Publishing just to get the rights of my book returned to me. I emailed them twice in the last month with no response until they received my certified letter in the mail.

Their response?

“Red Sage does not return rights. This is final.”

Red Sage Publishing stole my book and they are holding it hostage. For what reason? It’s not selling! They are not giving print copies to me so I can market the book. They refuse to return my rights and since there is no clause in their contract that gives terms for reversion of rights, I have no recourse.

So, if you’re looking for a publisher and are considering signing with Red Sage Publishing, don’t do it! You are better off self-publishing and retaining your rights.

I’ve communicated with several authors who have signed with Red Sage Publishing and since they receive their royalties through Paypal and we have to pay the fees, they get nothing since most royalties that are paid are less than $1 for six months worth of sales. I believe my royalties on the three books was less than $3 and with the Paypal fees, it wasn’t worth collecting.

I’m writing this post to warn other novelists. Beware!

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